Executive Coach Hire – The Perfect Choice for Corporate Hospitality

In an increasingly competitive commercial environment, corporate hospitality is becoming evermore important. Building mutually-beneficial, personal relationships is essential for businesses to prosper, regardless of sector.

It seems that in a prosperous economy – one where businesses have the resources to invest in corporate hospitality – knowing how to appeal to customers by placing the value of their business at the zenith of commercial activities is paramount.

There are many different facets to corporate hospitality. Every business needs to decide on the nature of how they intend to be hospitable to their clients. This can depend on several factors. Budget is one, what will appeal to commercial customers is another. After all, there’s no point in investing in a day out at Wentworth Golf Club if the expense of paying the green fees and entertainment for five, ten or twenty clients is too high. Nor is it a prudent choice should your clients not be avid golfers.

Yet, clients see value in your business for what you can offer them. How can you make this value apparent? Choose hospitality that’s likely to appeal to the broad interests of your clients. An excursion in the luxury accommodation of a coach will achieve just that.

Why Luxury Coach Hire Is The Best Choice for Your Corporate Hospitality

There are innumerable reasons why hiring a luxury coach a shrewd corporate hospitality decision. One of the most flexible corporate hospitality options a business has, you can choose to travel anywhere you want. Take your clients on a whistle-stop tour of immersive landmarks, plan an itinerary that includes a stop at an elegant eatery or gastropub or encourage professional networking – all while travelling in luxury and comfort.

The Number of Passengers

Perhaps the most obvious benefit to hiring a luxury coach as part of your corporate hospitality is in the number of clients you can entertain. Corporate coaches can transport a vast number of passengers to a destination of your choice easily and efficiently.

Have you a select number of key account customers that you want to reward for the business that they’ve given you? Hiring a luxury coach allows you to journey anywhere you want – showing your appreciation to a select number of customers for their sustained belief and confidence in you and your business.

Moreover, what if you need to transport thirty-six passengers on a single coach or even a hundred customers or professional colleagues hiring multiple coaches? There’s no better way to achieve this than by choosing executive coach hire from a reputable business, such as VIP Coach Hire.

Professional Travel in Comfort

In the corporate world, impressions count for much. Every business needs to inspire client confidence. Often, we form our opinions of those we meet within a few moments of an initial meeting. Whereas, these impressions can often change, what remains pertinent is putting your best foot forward.

Trained, professional coach drivers in smart attire gives the right corporate impression. This tells passengers that a coach hire company, such as VIP Coach Hire takes pride in their work, and though attention to detail, reassures passengers of their experience and acumen. Not only that, meticulous attention to detail also tells your customers that the executive coach company – and, by extension, you the client – values them enough to arrange luxury corporate hospitality.

Remember that the best corporate hospitality cultivates enjoyment as much as professionalism and networking. Luxury coaches come equipped with all the facilities passengers need to enjoy their experience. Reclining seats and air conditioning are standard mod-cons, as are onboard toilets and champagne refreshments.

Luxurious professional travel also affords passengers a Wi-Fi connection, access to SKY TV and feature USB charge points for mobile phones and tablets. Such facilities enhance the ease and comfort of any journey, making the experience a pleasurable one for your customers.


Compared to other forms of corporate hospitality, luxury coach hire is infinitely more affordable. Of course, it depends on how you wish to entertain your professional colleagues but, in general, hiring a luxury coach and journeying along the M1 to a destination of your choice is relatively inexpensive.

Consider the cost of an adventure day out. Very popular with young and vibrant companies, spending a day or weekend in the wilderness or visiting a vast open space, complete with obstacle challenges, is a great team building exercise or corporate bonding retreat. However, an excursion like this won’t come cheap. Hiring an executive coach hire company will help you to offset the costs of accommodation or facilities.

Similarly, hiring a venue to entertain your corporate guests can also be costly. Obviously, the bigger the venue, the most expensive the hiring cost may be. You may find that this option – or any other ideas you may have for a corporate retreat – may not meet your budget.

Hiring a venue may also prove to be a stagnant corporate hospitality choice. Why? You arrive, you take your seat and then wait for the corporate hospitality to commence. It’s also cliched – why not choose a specific venue and take your clients on an exciting and luxurious road trip before you even arrive?

Memorable Experience

A company that goes the extra mile for their clients is one that clients will remember. This will strengthen the bond that you have with your customers, instilling confidence and cultivating long-lasting relationships.

Often, corporate hospitality can be a repetitive affair. Dining out in restaurants, sitting for hours in drab conference rooms, attending sporting events or even a day at the racetrack may sound like an invitation to a jovial occasion, but they’re a mite uninspired – and often forgotten by clients.

Booking luxury coach hire does not suffer with the same stigma. Why? It’s different – memorable. Providing that you book the right corporate coach hire company, the journey to any destinations can be just as pleasurable as what you’ve got planned once you arrive.

This conscientious approach, inclusive of the entire day, or days depending on the length of your trip, demonstrates to your customers that you’ve considered the type of corporate entertainment that separates you from other competing businesses.

So, to summarise, choosing corporate coach hire is one of the best ways that you can create memorable, personalised and luxurious corporate hospitality experience for your clients. The key word here is ‘experience’. Show your customers that you value them with an ‘experience’ that they won’t soon forget and you’ll build longstanding, prosperous professional relationships.

VIP Coach Hire specialise in providing executive coach hire for corporate and sporting events. For more than 15 years, we have helped businesses to make the right impression to investors and professional colleagues, getting them to their destinations in opulence and style. Interested in learning how we can help you enhance any planned corporate hospitality? Call us today on 0800 9755589 to learn more.