Apr 3

How to impress a corporate client

When it comes to wooing a corporate client and trying to secure a big deal it’s time to pull out all the stops. Offering something a little different will set you apart from other businesses who might be vying for the client’s custom. Here at VIP Coach Hire we specialise in providing luxury corporate transport so over the years we’ve picked up a few tips on what works well...

  • Transport them in style: If your client is travelling to see you via aeroplane or train, make sure you pick them up and transfer them to their hotel in luxury. A coach from VIP Coach Hire will do the trick, and we can even provide light refreshments on board to help you guest relax after their trip. With tables and laptop ports in our luxury coaches you can even get the business meeting started en route!
  • Wine and dine them: Try to find out their dietary requirements and taste preferences before they arrive and book a table at a restaurant accordingly. Make your corporate guest feel special by allowing them free reign of the menu, and maybe order a nice bottle of wine or even Champagne!
  • Entertain them: Think outside the box when it comes to corporate entertainment and try to wow your potential clients with a day or night that they won’t forget in a hurry! A murder mystery evening, a good old fashioned pub quiz, or a wine tasting course might impress your client. Or how about an activity day such as tackling an assault course, zorbing, or white-water rafting to get the adrenaline flowing!
  • Don’t over promise and under deliver: It can be all too easy to get caught up in the moment when you’re face to face with a potentially big client, but try to stick to your guns and only settle for the deal that makes sense for your business. Don’t promise the world to your client if they come on board as you may end up having to under deliver when the reality of the business agreement kicks in.
Created on 3rd April 2014
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