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How to pack light for a coach trip

A coach journey is a relaxing way to travel around the UK, read our blog on travel comfort at VIP Coach Hire and you’ll find a few tips that should make your journey as comfortable as possible.

Say you are spending longer on the coach than anticipated though, suppose you are going away for a weekend break for example and need to pack appropriately, how do you fill a case or a bag without going over the top?

We’ve a few ideas to help you clear the clutter, use our tips with pleasure and pack with confidence from now on.

Tip number # 1

Downsize the suitcase

Do you take the same over-sized suitcase with you whenever you take a weekend coaching break? It’s no wonder you take too much stuff with you if this is the case, you’re using the wrong sized suitcase!

Start using a smaller case, buy a new one or borrow one if needs be. Use a larger case and the temptation is there for you to fill it. Pick a smaller case and it’ll force you into being more selective with your packing.

Tip number # 2

Plan your outfits

Think about what you are likely to wear during the day and anything you are likely to need at night. Can you mix and match some of your items to save space in the suitcase?

A summery day dress could quickly turn into an evening dress with the addition of a few accessories and a change of footwear. Similarly you could smarten up a pair of jeans by ditching the t-shirt and trainers look for a smart shirt/jacket/shoes combo, mix up your holiday wardrobe a little and try to reuse clothes where you can.

Tip number # 3

Be brutal when packing

Lay everything out you think you need to take away with you. Be honest. Do you really need to pack all these items?

Don’t stick things in your suitcase on the off chance you might wear them, pound for a penny you won’t even take them out of the case and simply end up carting them around.   

Look at everything individually and be ruthless, if there’s a chance you won’t wear it put it back in your wardrobe.   

It’s easy to get a little carried away when you are packing for a coach trip, the secret is to minimise the amount of items you take. Remember, at the end of the day you’re the one that has to carry the case, do you really want arms like a body builder at the end of the holiday?  



Created on 28th July 2014
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