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Sensible snacks to take on a coach trip


Planning to take a road trip on a coach this year, want to take some snacks along but don’t really want to chomp away on chocolate, crisps and other unhealthy snacks?  


Take a trip on a coach and you’ll get the munchies at some point, pack some of these tasty but nutritious items and you’ll eat healthily and keep the hunger pangs at bay.


Item 1 - Muesli bars


There’s a whole section dedicated to breakfast bars in supermarkets, pick and choose muesli, granola or fruit and nut bars and they’re a simple but tasty snack that take the edge off your hunger for a while at least.


Packs of muesli bars give you energy, they leave you feeling satisfied and they’re quick and easy to eat when you are seated on a coach looking out of the window.


Item 2  - Carrot batons


Batons of carrots, celery, peppers or cucumber are refreshingly tasty when you are in the midst of a coach journey.


Tuck into a tub of vegetable batons. They’re thirst-quenching, invigorating and so much better for you than a family-sized bag of deep fried crisp.   


Item 3  - Dried fruit packs


Packets of dried mango, apricot, sultanas and raisons are great for munching on as the miles whizz by out of the window.


Stock up on fruit packs before you embark on a coach trip and give your taste buds a treat, try berries and cherries or banana and pineapple depending on your mood.   


Item 4  - Fresh fruit


Dried fruit is yummy but why not pack a little fresh fruit as well? Make a fruit cocktail with a mixture of fresh produce, pack it in a plastic tub and enjoy all the goodness of a mouth-watering, vitamin-packed meal.


Item 5  - Packs of nuts


Take a pack of pistachios or a collection of cashew nuts with you on a coach trip, they’re packed with nutrients and a little bit scrummy too!


Cashew nuts are full of iron, they taste great but help you battle fatigue as well and this could be handy if you are going to spend a long time on a coach.


Snacking on a road trip doesn’t have to be unhealthy, just pack some of our suggestions and those sensible snacks should keep you going until you arrive at your destination.   



Created on 28th July 2014
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