Jul 28

The definitive guide to keeping kids amused on a coach

Travelling to a new destination on a coach is exciting but it can be testing at the same time if you have children to entertain.

There are only so many choruses of ‘Are we there yet?’ you can endure before you feel like you are going out of your mind.

We do all we can to make your journey a pleasure at VIP Coach Hire and we suggest you try these fun games to keep your children amused if you are conducting a long road journey this year.

20 questions

This is always a winner and it’s a great game to get your kids’ brains thinking.  Choose a person to think of an object. Set a theme if you like, it could be animals for example. Players take it in turns to ask questions about the animal, by a process of elimination they should be able to work out the type of creature it is.

To make it more fun use yes and no answers, only give clues if they are really struggling.

If they ask 20 questions and still haven’t guessed the type of animal they lose and the answer can be revealed.  

I Spy

Small children love to play a game of I spy on a road trip. One person is ‘it’ and they choose something they can spot inside or outside of the coach without revealing the item to the other players.

The only clue the players get is the first letter of the object which is revealed by saying, ‘I spy with my little eye, something beginning with the letter...’

Players then take it in turns to try to guess the item, if they guess correctly they take the next go.

Name game

One more game that’s really good for mental stimulation. Play this and it’s guaranteed to put your memory to the test.

One players starts off by thinking of a name with the letter A, the next player has to repeat this name and thinks of a name with the letter B, the next player repeats the A and B names and thinks of a name starting with C and the game continues right through the alphabet.

Players drop out if they forget one of the names and this game is best played with a few people for added effect.

Shopping list game

This is similar to the name game but slightly more complicated. One player starts off by saying, ‘I went to the shops and bought an apple’ (or their choice of item). The next player says, ‘I went to the shops and bought an apple and a coat.’ The next player repeats the list and adds their own item and play continues until somebody forgets an item off the list.

Good for group play, the overall winner is the person that remembers all the items after other players have dropped out.            

Created on 28th July 2014
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