Apr 2

Why coach travel beats car travel

Many of us will associate coach travel with the school trips we were forced to endure as young children. The whole class crammed into a packed coach which, depending on your age, probably wouldn’t have been an air conditioned coach. The stress of finding someone to sit next to for the journey; and there would always be one kid who got travel sick, sending the teachers into panic mode!

Thankfully coach travel nowadays is a much more enjoyable experience! Modern coaches benefit from air conditioning, comfortable seats, and better suspension for a smoother journey. Here at VIP Coach Hire our luxury coaches are built for comfort and offer a fantastic alternative to taking the car. Here are just a few reasons why we think coach travel beats car travel hands down:

Coach travel is greener

A VIP Coach Hire coach can carry up to 24 passengers. It would take six standard sized cars to transport the same amount of passengers. That’s five times more emissions, five times more fuel that needs to be used, and five more vehicles on the roads contributing to congestion. Travelling by coach means that you’re helping to reduce carbon emissions and ease congestion on the road.

Coach travel is less stressful

Driving can be very stressful at times. Having to watch out for the variety of hazards that could present themselves, whilst simultaneously attempting to navigate unfamiliar roads, guided by the not-so-calming voice of your sat-nav, not to mention the endless traffic jams that plague Britain’s roads these days. Coach travel eliminates all that is stressful about travelling by letting a professional driver get you from A to B while you relax and enjoy the journey.

Coach travel is more comfortable

Modern coaches are equipped with air conditioning, reclining seats, and plenty of legroom for comfort. A VIP Coach Hire coach has all of this, plus tables fitted with 240v laptop points, as well as the option of refreshments and hostess service. You can sit back and relax, take a little nap if you wish, and arrive at your destination safely and stress-free.

Created on 2nd April 2014
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